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Gary Batasar


Gary Batasar Top Peel Lawyer

I am committed to defending my clients in the best way possible. During my 25+ years throughout the GTA and primarily at the Brampton Courthouse, first, as a student and then as a lawyer, I have earned many beneficial and respectful contacts with Judges, Crown Attorneys, and Police Officers in Peel. Over the years, I have used these positive relationships to help defend my clients while always keeping in mind their best interests. Although it is an adversarial system, I do not believe in the need to needlessly disagree and be offensive in the process towards the Prosecution or the Police; I find that if everybody is treated with respect the best results are accomplished for my clients; and after all that is the goal. Statistics have shown that over 90% of criminal cases are resolved without going to trial, with that being said, I do not believe in charging my clients trial fees for cases that I believe can be resolved via a withdrawal, a peace bond, or a position that is non-custodial, ultimately sparing the client jail time, saving their livelihood, and their family from the arduous process that is criminal law. I find that a good rapport with everyone from the cleaning staff, the Court, the Crown staff and Clerks to the Judges, is not only appropriate but makes for good and practical business relationships. I have dealt with ALL criminal matters ranging from a simple assault to murder and terrorism. I have appeared in various levels of courts in Ontario.

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27 John St, Brampton, ON L6W 1Z1, Canada

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